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Scrypted was founded by veteran game and virtual world developers specializing in the Metaverse before the Metaverse was cool.

We're building a fun & exciting set of interrelated blockchain games and digital assets - trying things no one has before!


Web 3.0

Decentralizing digital identity, assets, computation, and finance lie at the heart of the web's next evolution.

Scrypted is leading the way in building interactive digital asset technology that does more than look pretty on the blockchain.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of cutting edge virtual world development and simulation.

We're encouraging emergent behavior in our players and our non-player characters alike by unleashing combanatoric AIs to the community.

What is Scrypted?

A "Metaverse-centric" Company

Scrypted Inc recognizes that the Metaverse will happen, but there are plenty of problems that need to be solved first. We're right at the intersection of Web 3.0 & Metaverse, with a heavy focus on emerging and experimental technology.

The Real Web 3.0

Massively accessible content & borderless platforms. That's the promise of the decentralized web built on top of our social imagination and digital identities.

Digital Assets

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are just the start for digital assets, and Scrypted knows that we need to push the tech farther and faster while taking a seat at the table.

Making Futurism the Future

Our team grew up with iconic sci-fi/fantasy stories that inspired us to try to build non-existent technology needed for the Metaverse.

What we Do

Digital Assets for the Metaverse

The promise of blockchain-based NFTs isn't in speculation and gambling, it's in powering the economies of virtual worlds & platforms.

Item portability? Yes and no! No one wants a +2 Fire Sword from a fantasy game to be imported into a sci-fi laser gun game, but we do want our personal investments of time & energy to be respected. Whether it's a badge or an icon, or even a special title: digital asset ownership should have meaning no matter where you are in the Metaverse!

What can Scrypted provide?

Physical-to-Virtual Translation

Scrypted can convert physical assets in the real world - artwork, branded clothing & shoes, luxury goods, and so much more - into fully functional digital assets.

From 2D deep-scans of portraiture and paintings, to 3D modeled replications of famous sneakers, we can unlock visualizations and interactivity on the blockchain in ways the real world simply can't.

NFT Integration

Scrypted is in the business of powering every facet of digital assets, including making it easier than ever to deploy your NFT collections. We provide bespoke, soup-to-nuts full integration services that can take what you have and get it on the blockchain: securely and stylishly.

With years of smart contract programming knowledge and decades of software development experience we can do far more than copy/paste existing ERC721 and ERC1155 code. Whether you need a custom Solidity contract, or a deployment on a Layer 2 solution like Immutable X: we're here to help!

A New Way to Play

Scrypted is building a set of interrelated games (from small to large), bootstrapping off of our first NFT projects using interactive digital assets. You know, the kind of NFT that doesn't just look nice, but actually does something!

Ethereal Diamonds

You can sign up right now to receive a free NFT for us in our future games & platforms. We'll be rewarding all of our first followers with early access, special drops & rewards, and unique gameplay paths.

Ethereal Diamonds are beautiful, live-rendering 3D gems with a wide range of possible rarities (ranked from F-Trash to SSS-Super Tier), that can be openly mined on our partner's blockchain network.

Our Upcoming Games

Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming 2022 blockchain games, and make sure you grab an Ethereal Diamond so you're ready to play!

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